Press release - BEREC adopts four Guidelines and launches the public consultation on VHCN Guidelines and the BEREC Strategy

Document number: BoR (20) 59
Document date: 10.03.2020
Date of registration: 10.03.2020
Document type: BEREC Press Releases
Author: BEREC

The implementation of the European Electronic Communications Code continues to be at the forefront of BEREC’s work in 2020. By the end of this year, BEREC has to deliver all the required Guidelines by the co-legislator, 11 in total. BEREC has already delivered three Guidelines and, at the last ordinary meetings adopted another four.

“The adopted Guidelines will help to ensure consistent application of legal provisions in the European Economic Area and will provide guidance to the National Regulatory Authorities on legal provisions for their practical usage,” emphasized the BEREC Chair Dan Sjöblom at the public debriefing on 10 March in Brussels.  

Very High Capacity Networks

An important task of BEREC is to deliver the BEREC Guidelines on Very High Capacity Networks. The effective work of the Fixed Network Evolution Working Group has ensured that the public consultation on the draft Guidelines has started earlier than planned, on 10 March with the deadline for inputs by 24 April. Find out more on the draft Guidelines by joining the meeting on 17 March in Brussels.

Intra-EU communications

The draft updated BEREC Guidelines on intra-EU communications are also open for public consultation and BEREC expects stakeholders’ inputs by 10 April.

BEREC Strategy 2021-2025

Another BEREC document now opened for the public consultation is the draft BEREC Strategy 2021-2025. Planning and Future Trends Working Group prepared the document in close cooperation with the incoming Chair’s Office, at BIPT.

8th Stakeholder Forum

In order to engage with stakeholders at a very early stage, when preparing the BEREC Work Programme and the BEREC Strategy, the BEREC Chair invites stakeholders to join the BEREC annual Stakeholder Forum, this year on 1 April, in Brussels. This will be an occasion for all interested parties to share their views and engage with the BEREC Chair Dan Sjöblom and incoming BEREC Chair Michel Van Bellinghen. This year, for the first time, the stakeholders will have the opportunity to informally meet and greet with the BEREC Working Group Co-Chairs. The Co-chairs will be ready for a 10 minutes short questions-and-answers session. During these speed-dating sessions, the BEREC experts will be available to give further technical clarification within the scope of their expertise, in their respective BEREC Working Groups. The “Meet & Greet” session will take place from 09:30 until 12:00. In order to book a specific timeslot with a particular Working Group Co-chair,

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Please email your request (your name, media organisation and the subject of your interview) for interview with the BEREC Chair or the incoming Chair to prior to the event.

full list of public documents adopted at the 42nd plenary meeting is available on the BEREC website. The 43rd BEREC plenary meeting will take place on 11-12 June 2020 in Helsinki, Finland.