Working Groups

Article 6 (b) of the Regulation (EU) 2018/1971 allows BEREC to organise its work into Working Groups (WGs). In order to implement the BEREC Work Programme 2021 the Board of Regulators (BoR) decided to establish 10 WGs and two Ad-hoc Groups on 5G Cybersecurity and on Sustainability. Core activity of the WGs will be based on the main pillars defined in the BEREC Strategy 2021-2025, as presented below.

In compliance with Article 13 (1) of the Regulation (EU) 2018/1971 the BEREC Office has to set up these WGs and to provide them with the support needed. The WGs develop the initial drafts of the BEREC documents, which are then submitted to the Contact Network that has the task to assist the BoR in the adoption of its decisions.

The final documents are approved by the BoR usually at its ordinary plenary meetings, or, in urgent cases, by electronic voting procedures.













The tasks of the Work Programme are distributed among the different Working Groups. The work for 2021 is assigned to the respective Working Groups according to the list below.

Regulatory Framework (RF)

  • BEREC Opinion on the national implementation and functioning of the general authorization, and on their impact on the functioning of the internal market
  • Report on the COVID-19 crisis – lessons learned regarding communications networks for a resilient society
  • Post COVID measures to close the digital divide - BEREC study
  • Stock-taking on the national experiences of the implementation of the EECC - Internal Workshop, to be held in Q4 2021

Open Internet (OI)

  • BEREC Report on the implementation of the Open Internet Regulation
  • Update to the BEREC Net Neutrality Regulatory Assessment Methodology
  • Collaboration on the Net Neutrality Measurement tools and evolution of the regulatory assessment methodology

Planning and Future Trends (PFT)

  • Report on the way forward regarding regulatory key issues identified in the first path finder Report in the impact of 5G on regulation and the role of regulation in enabling the 5G ecosystem
  • External Workshop on the impact of 5G regulation (carry over) to be held in Q1/Q2 2021
  • Work Programme 2022
  • BEREC’s medium-term strategy for international cooperation
  • BEREC’s medium-term Strategy for relations with other institutions

Market and Economic Analysis (MEA)

  • BEREC Report on regulatory treatment for backhaul
  • Report on the Internet Value Chain
  • Report on digital platforms - Market & Economic analysis (carry-over)

End Users (EU)

  • BEREC study on consumer behaviour and attitudes towards Digital Platforms
  • Report on how to handle third-party payment charges on mobile phone bills (carry-over)
  • BEREC Opinion on the market and technological developments and on their impact on the application of rights of end-users in the EECC

Statistics and Indicators (SAI)

  • BEREC Report to enable comparable national broadband coverage indicators throughout Europe
  • Report on the harmonized collection of data regarding OTT services, relevant to electronic communication markets (carry-over)
  • BEREC Guidelines on the consistent implementation of the obligations established in Art. 22(2), 22(3) and 22(4) of the EECC
  • Report on termination rates at European level

Roaming (ROAM)

  • 26th BEREC international Roaming Benchmark Data Report
  • 9th BEREC Report on transparency and comparability of international roaming tariffs
  • Inputs to any legislative proposals of the European Commission on roaming
  • BEREC Input to the European Commission regarding the implementing acts setting out the weighted average of maximum mobile termination rates across the Union
  • 2nd Intra-EU Communications Benchmark Report

Fixed Network Evolution (FNE)

  • BEREC Report on a consistent approach to migration and copper switch-off
  • BEREC Opinion on the Review of the Broadband Cost Reduction Directive
  • BEREC Input to the European Commission regarding the evaluation and potential review of the EU State Aid Guidelines (as required)

Wireless Network Evolution (WNE)

  • Peer review process
  • Workshop on EMF: How best can BEREC promote science-based EMF exposure limits recommended by experts?
  • Workshop on experiences regarding 5G rollout and information to end-users

Remedies (REM)

  • BEREC Opinion on the Review of the Access recommendations
  • Internal Report on the applicability of BEREC’s Guidelines for the elaboration of Opinions in Phase II cases
  • Internal workshop on Art. 32/33 EECC procedures, to be held at Q3 2021
  • Regulatory Accounting in practice Report 2021
  • BEREC Report on WACC parameters 2021

Ad-hoc 5G Cybersecurity (5GCS)

  • BEREC Internal Report on economic/further aspects of the 5G Toolbox multi-vendor strategy implementation 

Ad-hoc Sustainability (SUS)

  • BEREC study regarding NRA’s potential to impact sustainability – to be delivered by Q3 2021
  • BEREC Report identifying areas of regulatory intervention available to NRAs to maximize their positive contribution on the environment
  • BEREC Report summarising conclusions from the internal workshop on sustainability