Working Groups

Article 6 (b) of the Regulation (EU) 2018/1971 allows BEREC to organise its work into Working Groups (WGs). In order to implement the BEREC Work Programme 2019 the Board of Regulators (BoR) decided to establish 10 WGs and one Ad Hoc Group on the communications activities. Core activity of the WGs will be based on the main pillars defined in the BEREC Strategy 2018-2020, as presented below.

In compliance with Article 13 (1) of the Regulation (EU) 2018/1971 the BEREC Office has to set up these WGs and to provide them with the support needed. The WGs develop the initial drafts of the BEREC documents, which are then submitted to the Contact Network that has the task to assist the BoR in the adoption of its decisions.

The final documents are approved by the BoR usually at its ordinary plenary meetings, or, in urgent cases, by electronic voting procedures.


The tasks of the Work Programme are distributed among the different Working Groups. The work for 2019 is assigned to the respective Working Groups according to the list below.

Regulatory Framework (RF)


  • BEREC Guidelines on the general authorisation notifications transmitted to competent authorities 
  • BEREC Guidelines on common criteria for the assessment of the ability of undertakings other than ECN or ECS to manage numbering resources and the risk of exhaustion of numbering resources 
  • BEREC Opinions, Reports, position and input papers, technical background analyses, depending on specific requests by the EU Institutions and on needs emerging during the implementation process
  • Database of E.164 numbers  (pending communications with CEPT/ECO)
  • Database of numbering resources with a right of extraterritorial use within the European Union 
  • Implementation of the BEREC Regulation:
    • Update to the BEREC Rules of Procedure
    • Undate to  the Internal Guidelines for the operation of BEREC EWGs
    • BOR and MB detailed rules on application of 1049/2001 [Access to documents]
    • BOR and MB establish measures for Regulation 45/2001 [Personal data]

Open Internet (OI)


  • BEREC Net Neutrality measurement tool (carry-over) 
  • Update to the BEREC Guidelines on Net Neutrality 
  • BEREC Report on the implementation of the Net Neutrality Regulation


Planning and Future Trends (PFT)


  • BEREC Study on the determinants of investment in very high capacity networks
  • BEREC Report on the impact of 5G on regulation and the role of regulation in enabling the 5G ecosystem 

Market and Economic Analysis (MEA)

  • BEREC Report on the Data Economy (carry-over)
  • BEREC Report on access to physical infrastructure in market analyses (carry-over)
  • BEREC Guidelines to foster the consistent application of the criteria for assessing co-investments on very high capacity network elements [Article 76]
  • BEREC Opinion on the review of EC Recommendation on relevant markets

End Users (EU)


  • BEREC Report on termination of contract and switching of provider (carry-over) 
  • BEREC Input to Commission Implementing Acts on Contract summary template 
  • BEREC Guidelines detailing QoS parameters of IAS and publicly available ICS and the publication of information 
  • BEREC Report on Member States’ best practices in respect of defining the adequate broadband IAS, which all consumers can access at an affordable price 
  • Joint BEREC-BEUC workshop to move towards a vision for Europe’s telecom consumers
  • EWG workshop and summary report on fraud and misuse cases [Artile 97(2)]

Statistics and Indicators (SAI)


  • BEREC Report on Internet of Things indicators (carry-over)
  • BEREC Guidelines to assist NRAs on the consistent application of Geographical surveys of network deployments [Article 22(7)]
  • BEREC Report on the harmonised collection of data from both Authorised Undertakings and OTT operators
  • BEREC Opinion as input to the EU Commission's implementing act setting a single maximum EU-wide MTRs or FTRs 
  • BEREC Report on Termination Rates at European level (*2)
  • BEREC input to the Commission's methodology on the pricing of bundles

Roaming (IR)

  • BEREC Opinion on the functioning of the roaming market, as input to the Commission's evaluation on the functioning of that market
  • BEREC Guidelines to assess the parameters to ensure the sustainability of the domestic pricing model in the context of Intra-EU calls and SMS
  • BEREC Input to the European Commission regarding the implementing acts setting out the weighted average of maximum mobile termination rates across the Union 
  • BEREC Report on transparency and comparability of international roaming tariffs 
  • BEREC International Roaming Benchmark Data Report (*2)

Fixed Network Evolution (FNE)


  • BEREC Report on pricing for access to infrastructure and civil works (carry-over)
  • BEREC Guidelines on the criteria for a consistent application of Article 61 (3) (concentration point)  [symmetric access]
  • BEREC Guidelines on very high capacity network(s)
  • BEREC Guidelines on common approaches to the identification of the network termination point in different network topologies
  • EWG workshop and summary report on the migration from legacy infrastructures to fibre-based networks


Wireless Network Evolution (WNE)


  • BEREC Common Position on infrastructure sharing (carry-over) 
  • BEREC guidelines on how to assess the effectiveness of public warning systems transmitted 
  • BEREC report on the monitoring of 5G roll-out and quality of service
  • BEREC participation in Peer review forums
Remedies (REM)
  • BEREC Guidelines on the minimum criteria for a reference offer relating to obligations of transparency
  • EWG workshop and summary report on margin squeeze tests applied by NRAs
  • EWG workshop and summary report on whether there is a requirement to update the Article 7/7A Phase II process in the context of the EECC
  • BEREC Report on Regulatory Accounting in Practice 
Ad-hoc Communications (COMS)
  • BEREC Communications Plan 2019 (including 10th Anniversary programme of activities)