Expert Working Groups

Article 4 (7) of the BEREC Regulation allows BEREC to organise its work into Expert Working Groups (EWGs). In order to implement the BEREC Work Programme 2018 the Board of Regulators (BoR) decided to establish 9 EWGs the core activity of which will be based on the main pillars defined in the BEREC Strategy 2018-2020, as presented below.

In compliance with Article 6 (2) of the BEREC Regulation the BEREC Office has to set up these EWGs and to provide them with the support needed. The EWGs develop the initial drafts of the BEREC documents, which are then submitted to the Contact Network that has the task to assist the BoR in the adoption of its decisions.

The final documents are approved by the BoR usually at its ordinary plenary meetings, or, in urgent cases, by electronic voting procures.




The tasks of the Work Programme are distributed among the different Working Groups. The work for 2018 is assigned to the respective Working Groups according to the list below.

Next Generation Networks


  • Report on pricing for access to infrastructure and civil works
  • Report on the L2WAP/advanced bitstream offers for undertaking (M4)
  • Location of the network termination point




  • 5G, IoT and security
  • Best practices report regarding authorization and award procedures with a view to 5 G
  • Infrastructure  and spectrum sharing
  • Best Practices report on coverage with a view to 5 G
  • Follow-up work on monitoring mobile coverage
  • International Roaming BEREC Benchmark data Report
  • Transparency and Comparability of roaming tariffs report
  • Input to the EC on weighted average MTRs


Market and Economic Analysis


  • Report on access to physical infrastructure in market analysis
  • Report on geographical market definition
  • DATA Economy


Net Neutrality


  • Tender Specification for the development of a net neutrality measurement tool
  • Implementation of NN Regulation
  • Net neutrality - Input to an Evaluation


Regulatory Framework


  • Ad-hoc work - contribution to review and e-privacy




  • Benchmarking on technical and economic replicability assessment in the context of symmetrical access
  • Update on Common Positions market 3a, 3b and 4


Regulatory Accounting


  • Regulatory Accounting Report
  • Response to the Commission's consultation on WACC calculation



  • IoT Indicators
  • European Benchmark of the pricing of bundles
  • Development of open data platform
  • Termination Rates at European level




  • Report about change of termination of contract and switch of provider
  • Report on best practices for ensuring equivalence of access and choice for disabled end-users
  • Report on contractual simplification