Press release - BEREC presents its Work Programme 2020 and introduces the outcomes of the 41st plenary meeting

Document number: BoR (19) 266
Document date: 11.12.2019
Date of registration: 11.12.2019
Document type: BEREC Press Releases
Author: BEREC

Implementation of the new EECC continues to be at the forefront of BEREC’s work. In 2020 BEREC will also tackle new topics such as digital platforms and security issues especially in relation to 5G networks. Today, at the final public debriefing of 2019 - the BEREC Chair Jeremy Godfrey (ComReg, Ireland) together with the incoming Chair Dan Sjöblom (PTS, Sweden) presented the Work Programme for the next year. The BEREC Chair also outlined the plan for BEREC’s work in 2021 and the process for BEREC’s Strategy 2021-2025.

In order to engage with stakeholders at a very early stage, when preparing the BEREC Work Programme, the BEREC Chair announced that going forward the annual BEREC Stakeholder Forum will be held in the first half of the year. In 2020 it will take place on the 1st of April in Brussels – save the date! Mr. Godfrey invited all interested parties to prepare for fruitful discussions both with BEREC and with the distinguished speakers in attendance. Mr. Godfrey also announced that, for the first time, there will be an opportunity to speak tête-à-tête with the Co-Chairs of the BEREC Working Groups. The registration for the event will be open early next year.

For further input from stakeholders, together with one of the Co-Chairs of the Planning and Future Trends Working Group (PFT WG), the BEREC Chair presented the outcomes of the call for initial inputs to the BEREC report on the impact of regulation on 5G. After receiving very valuable contributions from stakeholders, the PFT WG will continue its work on the report. The overall aim of the report is to help NRAs anticipate where and how 5G deployment and development may have an impact on the regulatory environment.

During the public debriefing, special attention was paid to those BEREC Guidelines approved during the 41st plenary meeting in Malta (5-6 December, 2019), namely:

During the public debriefing, Mr. Godfrey announced the launch of two public consultations, namely:

A full list of public documents adopted at the 41st plenary meeting is available on the BEREC website. The 42nd BEREC plenary meeting will take place on 5-6 March 2020 in Serbia.