The Register is structured chronologically and covers all categories of the documents issued by BEREC and the BEREC Office. Particularly, documents are organized into the following major categories:

The register has been operational since 1 August 2012 and is maintained only electronically by the BEREC Office.
More information on its management can be obtained through the relevant transparency rules published on the current web page.

Document number Document date Document title Document author
BoR (15) 94 18 June 2015 BEREC Chair Fatima Barros emphasizes the need for flexibility and speed for good regulatory framework in telecoms BEREC
BoR (15) 90 08 June 2015 BEREC publishes its report on how consumers value net neutrality BEREC Chair
BoR (15) 81 27 May 2015 Press release on the BEREC-EMERG-Regulatel-EaPeReg summit BEREC
BoR (15) 62 12 May 2015 BEREC press release on the publication of a European Commission Communication on a Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe BEREC
BoR (15) 44 08 April 2015 Press release from the BEREC meeting with ITRE and visit to the BEREC Office BEREC
BoR (15) 45 02 March 2015 Press release from the 22nd BEREC Plenary meeting (26-27 February 2015, Bern) BEREC
BoR (14) 201 05 December 2014 Press release about the outcomes of the 21th BEREC Plenary in Brussels BEREC
BoR (14) 156 16 October 2014 Press release about the outcomes of the 2nd Stakeholder forum BEREC
BoR (14) 131 29 September 2014 PRESS RELEASE - BEREC consults on its work programme for 2015 and on its strategy for the next three years BEREC
BoR (14) 82 06 June 2014 PRESS RELEASE - BEREC adopts its opinion on the Commission’s Recommendation on Relevant Markets BEREC
BoR (14) 30 03 March 2014 PRESS RELEASE - BEREC starts working on opinion on Commission’s proposal on relevant markets BEREC
BoR (13) 197 12 December 2013 Press release from the 17th BEREC plenary, 5-6 Dec. 2013, Budapest BEREC
BoR (13) 124 27 September 2013 BEREC launches process to monitor implementation of broadband best practices BEREC
BoR (13) 86 07 July 2013 BEREC has published the Guidelines on the application of the Roaming Regulation (EC) No 531/2012 regarding articles 4 and 5 on the separate sale of roaming BEREC
BoR (13) 75 10 June 2013 Press release from the 15th Plenary meeting in Athens - BEREC elects Chair 2014 BEREC
BoR (13) 33 11 March 2013 BEREC provides an update on its opinion on the Commission's draft Recommendation on cost orientation and non-discrimination. BEREC
BoR (12) 148 10 December 2012 BEREC adopts revised broadband common positions, net neutrality reports, and the 2013 work programme BEREC
BoR (12) 121 15 November 2012 BEREC and VP Kroes meet to discuss their shared commitment to boosting broadband connectivity in Europe BEREC
BoR (12) 110 28 September 2012 PRESS RELEASE - BEREC consults on broadband common positions and 2013 work programme BEREC
BoR (12) 74 21 August 2012 Press-release BEREC unveils its new public website BEREC