BEREC Chair Fatima Barros emphasizes the need for flexibility and speed for good regulatory framework in telecoms

Document number: BoR (15) 94
Document date: 18.06.2015
Date of registration: 18.06.2015
Document type: BEREC Press Releases
Author: BEREC

To improve the connectivity, accelerate the investments and stimulate the competition - these are the major tasks for the Body of European Regulators for the Electronic Communications (BEREC). The BEREC Chair 2015 Fatima Barros outlined these primary tasks in the Digital Assembly on 18 June, 2015 in Riga, Latvia.

During her speech at the Workshop “A Connected Digital Single Market” BEREC Chair emphasized: “The speed is the main detriment of what we do. Investors and markets do not wait for us.” Along with the other speakers of the workshop, Fatima Barros also highlighted the need for regulatory flexibility, therefore the BEREC will continue to work together with the European Commission in order to discuss and find the best solutions for the regulatory framework.

During the workshop, the Deputy Director General, DG CONNECT, European Commission Roberto Viola admitted, that so far the BEREC has been very successful and will play an important role also in implementing the rules of the net neutrality.

The workshop “A Connected Digital Single Market” focused on the EU policies and measures to ensure access to and stimulate investment in digital networks, taking into account the widely varying starting points in different European countries and regions. It examined, in particular, prospects for regulatory action, EU objectives in terms of connectivity, and use of public funding. During the workshop it was also discussed, how all stakeholders can cooperate further to give businesses and society the digital networks of the 21st century.