BEREC press release on the publication of a European Commission Communication on a Digital Single Market Strategy for Europe

Document number: BoR (15) 62
Document date: 12.05.2015
Date of registration: 12.05.2015
Document type: BEREC Press Releases
Author: BEREC

BEREC welcomes the new initiative’s overall goals of making the most of the growth potential of a barrier-free, seamlessly operational digital single market. BEREC appreciates the holistic approach to promote cross-sectoral measures, considering all factors that have an impact on the completion of the digital single market.

Being aware that the measures related to the electronic communications sector represent an important element of the Commission’s vision, BEREC particularly shares the acknowledgement that telecommunications represent the backbone of digital products and services and agrees on the need for an assessment of the regulatory treatment of all players on the same market, in the digital ecosystem, and the promotion of competition are the main drivers for investment in new infrastructure, in order to meet the long term connectivity needs of the EU and to exploit innovation such as Cloud computing, Big Data tools or the Internet of Things.

At the same time, BEREC also appreciates the recognition of the key role of the demand side in building a digital single market that the Commission considers from the perspective of consumers, businesses and public administrations respectively.Through close and continuous cooperation with the European Commission, BEREC is pleased to contribute its expertise to the process and, in the exercise of its statutory duties, is looking into possible areas of adjustment to the current electronic communications legislative framework where this seems appropriate. BEREC would be glad to share with the EU Institutions its ideas on the specific solutions that the EC will propose.