Key to successful deployment and sustainability of 5G networks – security

10 June 2020

With this key idea and main updates in the area, the Vice-Chair and incoming Chair 2021 Michel Van Bellinghen represented BEREC at the European Cyber Security Summer Hub virtual debate on 10 June 2020.

For the successful deployment and sustainability of 5G networks and related services, security is a key consideration. Throughout the implementation of the 5G toolbox, BEREC’s role is to assist in the development process within the NIS Cooperation Group and the Commission. We act as a conduit for information gathering in the domain of telecoms and share our experience on electronic communications market matters”, he said.

During the virtual session on 5G toolbox implementation, state of play and way forward for trust building, he provided the latest information about the implementation of the 5G Security toolbox and, underlined the role of BEREC in that process, related to the importance of trustworthy and resilient 5G networks across the EU. He also shared insights and observations from the BEREC’s perspective, elaborating on the main challenges that the actors in the electronic communications sector face.

The European Cyber Security Summer Hub is an online debate on European and global cyber security policy. This time one of the focus was the 5G security in the context of the European Commission’s Communication on Secure 5G Deployment in the EU, the so-called “5G Security toolbox”, released January 2020. It spells out concrete mitigation measures that Members States must implement in order to ensure the resilient rollout of future  5G networks across Europe.