Discussion Paper on the Annual and Multi-annual Programming of the BEREC Office Activities

Document number: MC (16) 133
Document date: 25.11.2016
Date of registration: 12.12.2016
Document type: BEREC Office Work Programmes
Author: BEREC Office AM

For the purpose of ensuring consistent programming, the BEREC Office, as all other EU Agencies, should draw up a document containing annual and multi-annual programming taking into account the Commission Guidelines issues in December 2014.The timetable for the annual and multi-annual programming is aligned with the budgetary procedure to ensure the efficiency and consistency of all programming documents and therefore the draft multi-annual programming should be ready by the end of January 2017. To ensure smooth preparation of the document the BEREC Office Administrative Manager would like to request some strategic guidance from the Management Committee during its 29th plenary meeting (9 December 2016, Berlin, Germany).To structure the debate the BEREC Office Administrative Manager has tabled a discussion paper, which contains some questions to the members of the Management Committee.The current document is intended only to its addressees and is not available to the public.