BEREC Office Work Programme 2016

Document number: MC (15) 84
Document date: 15.09.2015
Date of registration: 06.10.2015
Document type: BEREC Office Work Programmes
Author: BEREC Office

According to Article 9(3) of the Regulation (EC) No 1211/2009  the draft Work Programme of the BEREC Office for the following year has to be prepared and submitted to the Management Committee by 30 June. It has to be approved by the Management Committee by 30 September.

The Work Programme of the Office is equivalent to a financing decision for the activities it covers and it usually comprises the objectives and performance indicators to be achieved by the Office.

Taking into account the supportive functions of the BEREC Office, the BEREC Office Work Programme has to be considered together with the BEREC Work Programme, which is usually approved at a later stage. The BEREC Work Programme contains details of the work to be performed by BEREC for which the Office will provide the necessary professional and administrative support.