Monitoring implementation of the BEREC Common Positions on Wholesale Local Access (WLA), Wholesale Central Access (WCA) and Wholesale High Quality Access at a Fixed Location (WHQAFL) Phase 2

Document number: BoR (15) 199
Document date: 07.12.2015
Date of registration: 10.12.2015
Document type: Reports
Author: BEREC

Over the last three years BEREC has undertaken a programme of work which involved revising its broadband common positions (relating to the relevant markets 4, 5 and 6 as outlined by the Commission Recommendation of 2007) and developing a methodology to monitor how NRAs are implementing these. The third (and final) stage of the work involved undertaking the actual monitoring exercise of whether and how NRAs are following the best practices set in the revised common positions.The monitoring exercise is being carried out over three years to allow for the full cycle of market reviews to be carried out by all NRAs.

This report sets out the results of Phase 2 of the monitoring exercise, following the Phase 1 exercise in 2014 . In this report we refer to the relevant markets using updated descriptions based on the new Commission Recommendation on relevant markets of October 2014, in which the previous Market 4 (WLA) is referred to as Market 3a, the previous Market 5 (WBA) is referred to as Market 3b (WCA) and the previous Market 6 (WLL) is referred to as Market 4 (WHQAFL).