Report on Information Sharing-Portal: Implementation Scenarios

Document number: BoR (15) 75
Document date: 25.05.2015
Date of registration: 26.05.2015
Document type: Reports
Author: BEREC

This document examines two scenarios that have been identified for the implementations of the Information Sharing Portal (IS-Portal) between all NRAs, the European Commission and BEREC, where the main publications and outputs being produced and published by each institution related to the regulation and monitoring of the electronic communications industry can be shared and announced in an integrated way.

The BEREC Office, using its own IT resources, has compared the above two implementation scenarios and concluded on the main strengths and weaknesses of these scenarios for the implementation of the portal. The report provides also a time and cost estimates for the implementation of two scenarios which is presented in the following table based on Latvian rates of IT experts as well as an estimate of the maintenance monthly costs of the portal.

This assessment report‘s aim is to help in deciding on the next steps in the implementation of the portal and on the approval of Phase-III (Implementation) by the BoR. If approval is given, the implementation phase is going to last around four months and the portal is expected to go live at Q4 2015. This document is for internal use only.