Equivalence of Inputs: A preliminary report on issues and potential approaches

Document number: BoR (14) 188
Document date: 04.12.2014
Date of registration: 10.12.2014
Document type: Reports
Author: BEREC

Both BEREC’s revised CPs on WLA, WBA and WLL and the Commission’s Recommendation on non-discrimination and costing obligations recognise EoI as an effective non-discrimination remedy in ensuring a level playing field between SMP operators and alternative (competing) operators. However, there is little practical experience amongst NRAs in designing regulatory obligations dealing with the implementation of EoI. In addition, there is also uncertainty amongst NRAs, as well as operators, about what is meant by EoI and what the key issues are that need to be considered when considering implementing it in practice.The objectives of this document are to identify the key issues (and challenges) that NRAs are likely to face in relation to the implementation of EoI. These are split into the following categories:• Quality of service;• Information requirements;• Systems requirements;• Compliance;• Assessing the costs and benefits of EoI.The document also draws on the experience and lessons from a number of NRAs that have implemented EoI, with case studies from France, Ireland, Slovenia and the UK. The report also examines the case of Italy, which has implemented an advanced form of Equivalence of Outcome (EOO). The current document is intended for internal use but it will be periodically updated as EoI is implemented more widely by Member States. Once there is a sufficient evidence from NRAs who have implemented EoI, it may be appropriate to publish this report as a guide to NRAs considering EoI implementation.

For internal use only.