Report on the proposal for creating an Information sharing portal among NRAs and other institutions

Document number: BoR (14) 124
Document date: 26.09.2014
Date of registration: 30.09.2014
Document type: Reports
Author: BEREC

In this document BEREC analyses the possibility of creating an information sharing portal between all NRAs, the European Commission and BEREC, where the main publications and outputs being produced and published by each institution related to the regulation and monitoring of the electronic communications industry can be shared and announced in an integrated way.

This report is meant to assess the feasibility of creating such a common portal. In order to allow a conclusion on the basis of the present report a basic design of the portal is advanced presenting: structure, contents to include, properties and some functionalities, development stages, the maintenance of the portal, resources needed and other relevant issues. The portal shall be a catalogue of public documents, where newly added publications by all participants are to be found easily.

This assessment report is finally intended to help in deciding on the desirability or not of creating such a common portal among all NRAs, the European Commission (EC) and BEREC.


This document is part of an internal decision making process and is not available to the public.