Report on Transparency and Comparability of International Roaming Tariffs

Document number: BoR (13) 185
Document date: 25.11.2013
Date of registration: 25.11.2013
Document type: Reports
Author: BEREC

This report is focused on two aspects that are key issues for consumers when selecting tariffs for international roaming services: first, transparency, meaning the availability of clear information about prices and conditions for each tariff, as well as simple procedures for customers to switch between tariffs; and, second, the comparability of tariffs. By comparability BEREC means the ability for customers to compare different type of tariffs offered by operators and to select the one best suited to their needs and pattern of consumption.

The report was approved by the Board of Regulators on 5 December 2013, in Budapest, during its 17th meeting.

BEREC will repeat this exercise each year to assess the evolution and advances in increasing the transparency and comparability of tariffs.