Draft BEREC report on the impact of premium content on ECS markets and effect of devices on the Openness of the Internet use

Document number: BoR (17) 181
Document date: 05.10.2017
Date of registration: 11.10.2017
Document type: Public Consultations
Author: BEREC

The draft report provides firstly a snapshot of the current situation in Europe regarding the distribution of premium content by different actors, application of content-ECS bundling practices, and exclusivity agreements applied for content. It identifies benefit and drawbacks regarding the impact of these practices on ECS markets, and summarises approaches taken by NRAs and competition authorities. Secondly, the report provides an analysis of the device industry, and in particular how device openness articulates with the objective of promoting the end-users’ capacity to have access and to contribute to the various content and applications on the Internet.

The public consultation will run from 11 October to 8 November 2017.