Draft BEREC Work Programme 2015

Document number: BoR (14) 120
Document date: 25.09.2014
Date of registration: 29.09.2014
Document type: Public Consultations
Author: BEREC

The draft BEREC Work Programme 2015 was discussed and agreed at the 20th BEREC Board of Regulators meeting in Rome on 25 September 2014. According to Article 5 (4) of the BEREC Regulation, the BEREC Work Programme is subject to a public consultation and has to be approvedbefore the end of this year.The role of the public consultation is to increase transparency and to provide BEREC with valuable feedback from all interested parties.

In accordance with the BEREC’s policy on public consultations, BEREC will publish a report summarising how stakeholders’ views have been taken into account. In addition, BEREC will also publish all individual contributions on its website, taking into account stakeholders’ requests for confidentiality, which should be clearly indicated in the contributions submitted (if any).

The public consultation will run from 29 September to 24 October 2014.

All stakeholders are invited to send their contributions by 24 October 2014 to:, preferably in English, in order to speed up the processing of the contributions.

BEREC will also hold a public hearing on the draft BEREC Work Programme for 2015, which will take place on 16 October 2014, in Brussels, within the 2nd BEREC Stakeholder Forum Meeting.

The 2nd BEREC Stakeholder Forum Meetingis open for participation to all interested parties but a prior registration is required for all those wishing to attend it. Due to the limited number of seats, the requests for participation will be satisfied on the basis of the “first registered - first served” principle.The registration for participation should be done via the BEREC web-site, not later than 3 October 2014.