Decision of the Board of Regulators on the Co-Chairs of the BEREC Expert Working Groups

Document number: BoR/2015/1
Document date: 26.02.2015
Date of registration: 01.03.2015
Document type: BEREC Decisions
Author: BEREC

Article 4 (7) of the BEREC Regulation allows BEREC to organise its work into Expert Working Groups (EWGs).In order to implement the BEREC Work Programme 2015 the Board of Regulators (BoR) already decided to establish 9 EWGs, the Chairs of which were nominated by Decision BoR/2014/3. On 6 December 2014 the BoR adopted an amendment to the BoR Rules of Procedure (RoP) according to which all EWGs should have 2 Co-Chairs. As the Decision quoted above was prepared and approved before the entry into force of the new RoP, it does not take into account this requirement and envisages for some of the EWGs only 1 Chair.

Therefore, following the approval of the Internal BEREC Guidelines on the functioning of the EWGs, which define the procedure for the appointment of EWG Chairs, on 5 February 2015, the BEREC Chair launched a call for expression of interest for a second Chair for those EWGs, which do not comply with the new requirements.

Following an assessment of the applications received by the BEREC Chair and Vice-Chairs in charge of the respective EWGs the BoR appointed Co-Chairs of the following 4 EWGs:

  • Next Generation Networks Expert Working Group;
  • Net Neutrality Expert Working Group;
  • Regulatory Framework Expert Working Group;
  • Benchmarking Expert Working Group.

Information of the specific appointments can be found in the BoR Decision, adopted by the 22nd BoR plenary meeting on 26 February 2015.