List of EWG Project Requirement Definitions for 2017

Document number: BoR (16) 220
Document date: 25.11.2016
Date of registration: 12.12.2016
Document type: BEREC Strategies and Work Programmes
Author: BEREC

According to Article 15 of the Rules of Procedure of the Board of Regulators, the items in the BEREC Work Programme have to be assigned to the Expert Working Groups (EWGs) in compliance with a Project Requirements Definition (PRD) documents, prepared by the EWG Chairs with the assistance of the BEREC Office.The PRD has to provide a clear statement of the purpose and scope of the planned activity, taking into account the objectives set in the WP.

It must set out:
- the form which the deliverable(s) will take;
- the list of Members actively contributing to the EWG;
- the expected dates of interim and final delivery.

The current document is for internal use and is not available to public.