BEREC views on duration, on renewal of rights and on coordinated timing of assignments Articles 49, 50 and 53

Document number: BoR (17) 90
Document date: 28.03.2017
Date of registration: 11.05.2017
Document type: Opinions
Author: BEREC

In order to provide the co-legislators with relevant technical expertise and concrete proposals for amendments, BEREC publishes a series of short technical documents on non-competitive oligopolies, the forced step-back of regulation, market analysis, symmetric regulation, co-investment, vertically separate undertakings, the double-lock veto mechanism, the duration of spectrum rights, implementing acts on spectrum, information requests (notably on OTTs), the notification process and administrative charges, and the ITRE draft report on the proposed BEREC Regulation.

In December 2016, BEREC published a high-level opinion providing its initial evaluation of the Commission’s proposals for a European Electronic Communications Code and a draft BEREC Regulation. BEREC's high-level opinion included a preliminary assessment of some key topics (the scope of the regulation, the definition of ECS, end-user provisions, access regulation and governance issues). BEREC has since then been focused on carrying out a more comprehensive analysis of the proposals in order to provide technical contribution to the legislative process.

The BEREC papers on the review can be found here.