The Register is structured chronologically and covers all categories of the documents issued by BEREC and the BEREC Office. Particularly, documents are organized into the following major categories:

The register has been operational since 1 August 2012 and is maintained only electronically by the BEREC Office.
More information on its management can be obtained through the relevant transparency rules published on the current web page.

Document number Document date Document title Document author
BoR (17) 95 11 May 2017 Press release on BEREC Papers on the review BEREC
BoR (17) 47 28 February 2017 BEREC seeks input to its draft Medium-Term Strategy 2018-2020 BEREC
BoR (17) 11 07 February 2017 «Regulators can play a key role in making Europe a leader in Tech again» says BEREC Chair Sebastien Soriano about the Internet of Things at the BEREC Workshop BEREC
BoR (16) 248 13 December 2016 BEREC publishes Opinion on Draft Electronic Communications Code and appoints its Board for 2017 BEREC
BoR (16) 204 28 October 2016 4th BEREC Stakeholder Forum Enhancing connectivity and innovation in Europe BEREC
BoR (16) 194 12 October 2016 Press release: BEREC 4th Stakeholder forum - enhancing connectivity and innovation in Europe BEREC
BoR (16) 189 10 October 2016 BEREC launches public consultation on its 2017 Work Programme and publishes reports on challenges and drivers of NGA rollout and the migration to IP BEREC
BoR (16) 193 10 October 2016 Press release on BEREC Workshop on the Accessibility of Communications Services BEREC
BoR (16) 156 15 September 2016 BEREC press release on the EC proposal for the review of the telecom framework BEREC
BoR (16) 144 30 August 2016 Press release- BEREC publishes guidelines on net neutrality BEREC
BoR (16) 122 15 June 2016 BEREC takes note of the European Commission’s proposals on roaming and welcomes providing its expert opinion BEREC
BoR (16) 112 06 June 2016 BEREC seeks views on guidelines to implement new net neutrality rules BEREC
BoR (16) 52 29 February 2016 BEREC publishes reports on OTT services and the Internet of Things, as well as guidance on the new international roaming rules BEREC Chair
BoR (16) 49 24 February 2016 Update on BEREC work to produce guidelines for the implementation of net neutrality provisions of the TSM regulation BEREC
BoR (16) 24 03 February 2016 Joint BEREC/RSPG News Release on Spectrum and the Framework Review BEREC/ RSPG
BoR (15) 226 15 December 2015 Statement on BEREC work to produce guidelines for the implementation of net neutrality provisions of the TSM regulation BEREC
BoR (15) 224 15 December 2015 Press release - BEREC and ERGP adopt a joint opinion to the European Commission on price transparency and regulatory oversight of cross-border parcels delivery BEREC ERGP
BoR (15) 227 15 December 2015 BEREC adopts its Opinion on the review of the regulatory Framework BEREC
BoR (15) 223 14 December 2015 BEREC adopts its opinion on the Framework Review and its Work Programme for 2016, and elects its Board for 2016 BEREC
BoR (15) 189 26 November 2015 Press release - BEREC is ready to assist with the implementation of the new TSM rules BEREC Chair