Privacy statement for BEREC events

Privacy statement

1. What is the purpose and the legal basis for collecting and processing your personal data?

The purpose of the processing of personal data is the organisation and management of BEREC and BEREC Office meetings/events in the context of the performance of the Agency’s tasks, including:

- Registration of persons interested in participation in the meeting/event

- Management of the lists of invitations and participants

- Management of access control to the meeting/event venue

- Distribution of information, reports, publications and other meeting/event documents among invitees and registered participants

-  Arrangement of meeting/event follow-up actions

- Sharing meeting/event content (e.g. audiovisual recording or live streaming) via communication channels (e.g. social media and websites) and internal streaming platforms.

The organization of BEREC and BEREC Office events/meetings is necessary for the performance of the Agency’s tasks carried out in the public interest as required by Regulation (EC) No 2018/1971. In particular, the processing is lawful as provided for under the following legal basis: Articles 11 and 18 of Regulation (EU) 2018/1971, Art.4 and 12 of the Rules of Procedure of the Board of Regulators BoR (19) 58; Art. 5 of the Rules of Procedure of the Management Board of the BEREC Office MB (19) Rev.1, BEREC Work Programmes and BEREC Office Programming Documents.

In addition, processing of the photos and videos during meetings/events is lawful based on Article 5(1)(d) of the Regulation, i.e. on data subjects’ consent.

2. What personal data do we collect?

BEREC Office regularly organizes meetings in support of the functioning and operational activities of the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC). In addition, the Agency may organize internal meetings and events with external entities (European Commission, ECA, other EU Agencies and bodies, etc) and stakeholders.

BEREC and BEREC Office physical meetings may be held in Riga, Brussels and in other European or non-European venues.

Before and during these meetings/events, the Agency may processes:

  • Contact details of participants registered to the event: first and last name, organisation, email address, phone number.
  • Identity/passport number and validity, nationality, country of residence, gender, date of birth any  data necessary for access control purposes to the meeting venue (if applicable)
  • Dietary requirements and special assistance when applicable, processed in a secured manner for the sole purpose of accommodating special needs or dietary requests
  • Photos, audio or video recording and web streaming of speakers, participants or organisers as well as written exchanges between the meeting participants (chat function in a video-conference meeting)

Video and web-conferencing (VTC)

Video and Web-conferencing may be used when personal presence at a BEREC or BEREC Office meeting/event is not feasible. The Agency may therefore use Video-conferencing systems (including, but not limited to Webex, MS Teams) to arrange its meetings/events. 

Participants may be required to register their attendance to the meeting through an Outlook invitation or other dedicated online forms available at the BEREC website.

When participants are invited to register for a BEREC/BEREC Office meeting held via a video-conferencing system they can be requested to indicate their contact details, their role during the meeting/event, the name of their organization and any questions/interventions they intend to make during the meeting/event.

For information on how your personal data are processed during BEREC/BEREC Office meetings held in video conferencing mode using CISCO-Webex system, please see the privacy policy of Cisco Webex Meetings available on their website.

Photographing, recording and streaming of event sessions

BEREC Office may take photos and video recording of the event and publish them on its website, and other social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube).

In addition, BEREC Office may broadcast the event publicly via dedicated web streaming platform.

BEREC Office will process your photos and audio or video recording only upon your consent.

Please note that if you do not wish to appear in photos or audio-video recording/streaming, you have to inform the BEREC Office at . We will make all possible arrangements to respect your choice.

3. Who has access to your personal data and to whom is it disclosed?

The data collected will be processed internally by the BEREC Office staff within the team responsible for the meeting’s or event’s organisation, and by dedicated service provider staff supporting the meeting/event.

Access to all personal data is granted on a need-to-know basis to recipients defined by the BEREC Office.

The recipients typically are:

  • BEREC Office staff within the organizing team
  • BEREC Office ICT staff supporting the infrastructure of the meeting (audio-visual equipment, streaming, etc)
  • When applicable, staff of third parties authorized to act on behalf of the Agency (the NRAs/IRG staff hosting the event, service providers supporting organization of the meeting/event)
  • General public only for meeting/event outputs (documents, agendas, presentations, minutes or meeting reports, audio-video recording) that may be published on the BEREC website or on other communication channels.

4. Do we transfer personal data outside the EU/EEA?

BEREC Office do not transfer meetings/events participants personal data to third countries. However, in the specific case when an event is hosted by a NRA based in a non-EU country, the Agency may need to transfer the participants data to the concerned non-EU/EEA NRA co-organizing the meeting/event or to non-EU/EEA service providers supporting organization of the meeting/event.

This may represent a transfer of personal data outside the EU/EEA and it may occur in the absence of adequacy decisions or appropriate safeguards. Such transfers are possible since they are based on the derogation of Art.50 a) (explicit consent of the data subject) and Art. 50 d) of Regulation 2018/1725 (the transfer is necessary for important reasons of public interest).

5. How long are your personal data kept?

The data provided by you during the registration process will be used by the BEREC Office solely for the meeting/event management purpose and will be kept for 1 year. Final participant lists serving as financial documents will be kept for a maximum period of 7 years after the end of the specific event.

Dietarian preferences will be deleted after the event follow-up.

Identity data needed to access meeting venue (if applicable): the meeting co-organiser will delete these data at the latest ten working days after the event. For events held at the BEREC Office, the Agency will store your personal data for a period of maximum 6 months for purposes of possible security enquiries and risk analyses. In case of access to BEREC Office premises, please verify the information above in the dedicated privacy statement on access control.

Sound recordings of events, when not for publication, will be deleted after the meeting minutes or when the final report of the event is delivered. These will however be retained for no longer than 6 months. The edited audio and video materials, presentations and photographs intended for publication will be kept on the BEREC website, BERECnet, BEREC social media accounts (YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn) and internal streaming platforms as long as their content is useful for the purpose of the meeting/event.

6. What are your rights?

You have the right to request from the controller access to and rectification or erasure of your personal data or restriction of processing.

You also have the right to object to processing of personal data.

You have the right to withdraw your consent for BEREC Office to process your personal data at any time. The controller shall provide information on action taken on a request within one month of receipt of the request. That period may be extended by two further months where necessary, taking into account the complexity and number of the requests.

The controller shall provide information on action taken on a request within one month of receipt of the request. That period may be extended by two further months where necessary, taking into account the complexity and number of the requests.

Web streaming, Filming, Photography and Recording

Please note that if you have already provided your consent for photos and videos and you decide to withdraw it, you can contact and the organization team will do what technically and organisationally possible to accomplish your request as soon as possible.

7. Who is the data controller and how to exercise your rights?

The BEREC Office shall exercise the tasks of the data controller for the purpose of these processing operations.

To exercise the mentioned rights, you can contact the controller as follows:

If you feel your data protection rights have been breached, you can always lodge a complaint with the BEREC Office’s Data Protection Officer ( or with the European Data Protection Supervisor: