Public consultation 04/12 on special rate services

Run from 9 January to 10 February 2012

Following a decision of the Board of Regulators of 9 December 2011, in the period from 9 January to 10 February 2012, BEREC held a public consultation on the draft BEREC Report on Special Rate Services (SRS).

The role of the public consultation was to increase transparency and to provide BEREC with valuable feedback from all interested parties on the report’s topic.

The main objectives of the consultation document were to:

a)  analyse the characteristics of SRS in general and analyse the problems and the negative effects for consumers as they occur in at least a number of countries;

b)  give guidance to NRAs on what can be done if problems occur on national level.

After the closure of the public consultation BEREC published a consultation report containing a summary of all contributions received and an explanation as to how they were reflected in the final report.

All non-confidential contributions submitted during the consultation can be consulted from the links provided below (listed in alphabetical order of the name of the contributors):

3 Star Net, BELGACOM, Deutsche Telekom, DVTM, EIDQ, Fastweb, GSMA Europe, INTUG, JUCONOMY, OnYourMap, OPTIMUS, Orange, QSC, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, The Number UK, Vodafone, Voice Data Bridge BV, WIND and WIND Hellas

The final BEREC Report on SRS, which takes into account the comments received during the public consultation, can be consulted here.