Public consultation 02/12 on broadband promotion

Run from 16 December 2011 to 23 January 2012

The draft BEREC Broadband Promotion Report was discussed and agreed at the BEREC Board of Regulators meeting in Bucharest on 9 December 2011. In accordance with BEREC Work Programme 2011, the draft BEREC Broadband Promotion Report is subject to consultation.

In that respect on 16 December 2011 BEREC launched a public consultation which was run from 16 December 2011 to 23 January 2012.

After summarising the comments from the consultation, BEREC published a Report presenting a brief overview of the contributions received and communicating how they were reflected in the final report.

All individual contribution received by BEREC can be consulted below (listed in alphabetical order of the name of the contributors):

BEUC, BREKO, Cable Europe, CCP, COIT, Deutsche Telekom, ECTA, ETNO, FTTH Council Europe,Telecom Austria Group, Telecom Italia, Telefonica, Virgin's Media, Vodafone, VON and WIND.

The BEREC Broadband Promotion Report as approved by the Board of Regulators following the public consultation can be consulted here.