Public consultation 03/10 on the draft BEREC report on best practices to facilitate switching

Run from 4 June to 2 July 2010

On the 4 June 2010 BEREC published a draft BEREC report on best practices to facilitate switching for public consultation. The main objective of the draft was to analyse the national conditions and practices in respect of facilitating switching between service providers and to demonstrate the most effective approaches to  removing the obstacles to switching. Relevant academic literature and the European Consumer Markets Scoreboard findings on switching were also taken into account.

During the public consultation BEREC received 13 contributions from electronic communications operators and consumer protection organisations, as follows: 3 Group, BEUC, Communications Consumer Panel, Danish Consumer Council, ECTA, KEPKA, Mobile Challengers, Orange France, OTE, Scottish & Southern Energy, Telenet, Vodafone and Wind Telecomunicazioni.

A summary of the contributions received, as well as information on how BEREC took them into account in its final report is presented in the BEREC report of the consultation on the best practices to facilitate switching BoR (10)34.

The outcome from the whole process was a set of proposed best practice principles for NRAs to take into account when considering how to facilitate switching. The best practice principles relate to supporting a positive consumer experience (best practices 1 to 4) and to encouraging a positive impact on competition and welfare (best practices 5 and 6).

The full history of the consultation can be downloaded here.