BEREC issues new summary report on internet capacity during the COVID-19 pandemics

28 August 2020

The monthly BEREC summary report says that while traffic on fixed and mobile networks has increased, no major congestion issues have occurred. The National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) continue monitoring the internet capacity, and most of them informed that the situation remains stable. 

Several NRAs also updated information on the tracing applications/solutions to monitor the spread of Covid-19. Finnish regulator informed BEREC that by the end of August a privacy-preserving contact tracing application will be released. Finnish mobile subscribers can voluntarily use the application, and the app will not process any personal data. The privacy issue has been brought up in Germany, involving the data protection authority to safeguard the data protection standards concerning the development of the tracing apps.

The report focuses on, and summarises, the major updates of an ongoing monthly information gathering exercise, and includes the most recent data provided to BEREC by its constituent NRAs as of 25 August 2020. Since March 2020, 32 NRAs have shared their data about the impact of the crisis on electronic communications networks and the actions taken so far in their respective Member States.