BEREC extends the deadline for information gathering on OTT parameters

21 May 2020

Over-the-top (OTT) services are of great value to consumers and businesses and have an important impact on the electronic communications market. However, due to the absence of legal competences for authorities under the previous Regulatory Framework, this impact has never been quantified.  


To identify the metrics and indicators national regulatory authorities may collect, BEREC plans to organise a workshop on a harmonized OTT data collection at the end of 2020 and, consequently, to prepare a report in 2021.  

The initial step for further work is information gathering on different OTT parameters. BEREC has prepared two separate questionnaires addressed to providers of interpersonal communications service over the public internet and to providers of video-streaming services.
With this information gathering, BEREC aims to understand from providers, what is the information collected internally and, what are the definitions and methods used for such an assessment. BEREC invites the mentioned providers to request access to the questionnaires via email:


To gather a wider scope of opinions on the OTT parameters, BEREC extends the deadline to respond to the questionnaires. The providers of the interpersonal communications services are kindly invited to submit their responses to the questionnaires by 26 May 2020 and, the video-streaming services providers by 29 May 2020. BEREC will treat all the responses confidentially.