BEREC attends 5G Techritory Forum on “5G cooperation in Baltic Sea Region”

29 November 2019

BEREC Chair Jeremy Godfrey (ComReg, Ireland) and BEREC Vice-Chair Marcin Cichy (UKE, Poland) together with 5G policymakers, heads of major industry organizations, and business leaders from Europe, the USA, and Asia take part in the 2nd annual Baltic Sea Region’s 5G Techritory Forum, held in Riga, Latvia on 27-29 November 2019.  The event is one of the leading 5G events worldwide, which focuses on making Europe ready to harness the social, environmental and economic benefits the Gigabit society.

Mr. Godfrey and Mr. Cichy represent BEREC during a high-level roundtable discussion on the topic of setting the 5G agenda for 2020 and beyond with the aim to discuss challenges and transnational opportunities arising from 5G deployments, amongst others. 

Mr. Godfrey commented that “the roundtable discussions indicate that stakeholders welcome BEREC’s approach of leveraging the experience and expertise of its constituent NRAs in different countries to promote consistency in the application of a common regulatory framework”.  BEREC’s work in the area of 5G is set to continue into 2020 with its report on the impact of 5G on regulation and the role of regulation enabling the 5G ecosystem.

As part of the roundtable discussions Mr. Cichy set out insights on global 5G deployments and welcomed initiatives aimed at showcasing the Baltic Sea Region as a potential main 5G testbed hub in Europe.  He stated that “BEREC has a track record of effective leadership in the market shaping aspects of 5G spectrum assignment in Europe, integrating technological, economic, legal, and user protection perspectives in the design and practice of regulation.  As a result, BEREC is well placed to promote effective leadership in 5G for all stakeholders.”  Other moderated discussions included 5G cross-border cross-sectorial cooperation issues, where participants heard from telco operators and ICT equipment vendors.

BEREC is also represented at other events during the Forum, such as on a panel about the role of cities of in the development of 5G networks where the potential societal benefits interoperable city networks is set out. 

Notes for editors:

5G Techritory is the 5G Ecosystem Forum which brings up to 1000 senior-level professionals together to analyse issues on the deployment of 5G in Europe.  There are also over 70 industry-leading speakers at the event. The Forum serves as a platform for cross-border, cross-level, and cross-sectoral collaboration in the Baltic Sea Region. The main objective of the 5G Techritory Forum in 2019 is to work cross-borders and continue the development of an open platform that would help promote a sustainable 5G ecosystem in the Baltic Sea Region in order to establish the region as a role model within the European Gigabit Society.  For further details please see here