BEREC seeks stakeholder input to update of Guidelines on Net neutrality – now - Open Internet

10 October 2019

In order to update the BEREC Net Neutrality Guidelines, on 10 October BEREC launched a public consultation. The contributions from stakeholders to the draft document are expected by 28 November 2019.

BEREC has prepared an update to the BEREC Net Neutrality Guidelines, adopted in 2016, that have been renamed the BEREC Guidelines on the Implementation of the Open Internet Regulation. In addition to the draft Guidelines, BEREC has also prepared a consultation document with information regarding the on-going public consultation and the work done in BEREC. The public consultation document also identifies and explains the major clarifications. While consulting the draft Guidelines, BEREC also welcomes feedback on paragraphs with no suggested amendments. There has been discussion among some stakeholders that the methods mentioned in the paragraphs 69 and 70 of the guidelines would not be sufficient for traffic identification and that e.g. domain names should be considered as generic content. Therefore, BEREC has prepared several questions to seek feedback from all stakeholder groups on this particular topic.

During the 40th BEREC ordinary plenary meeting, Board of Regulators has launched public consultations for other five draft documents. Please consult the documents here.