The future starts today: EECC and BEREC Regulation enter into force

20 December 2018

Legislators entrusted BEREC with new tasks in both the new European Electronic Communications Code and the BEREC Regulation. Today, the two of them entered into force.

“Now, BEREC can contribute to a consistent application of the Code across Europe. From today, we can start working on eleven guidelines to be published within the upcoming two years,” says BEREC Chair Johannes Gungl.

One goal of the Code is the implementation of “Very High Capacity Networks” (VHCN). According to Johannes Gungl, BEREC with its new tools and tasks will help to reach this goal: “We will promote co-investments and ease the technology neutral deployment of Very High Capacity Networks.” In addition, BEREC will provide a definition of this VHCN both in mobile and landline networks in the near future.