BEREC initiates study on Investments in Very High Capacity Networks

14 September 2018

In the coming days, BEREC Office intends to launch a procurement of a study on the Determinants of Investment in Very High Capacity Networks. This upcoming request for tenders aims to procure a service provider(s) for the development of a system dynamics model, to provide insight into the complex interplay of factors which impact investment in telecommunication networks.

Enhancing the conditions for investment is a key activity for national telecommunications regulatory authorities seeking to promote competition and optimise welfare. Specifically, the service provider(s) shall develop a conceptual or theoretical system dynamics model, and shall use this model to draw qualitative conclusions. The second phase of the project will involve the service provider(s) calibrating the system dynamics model for at least one country and using it to undertake simulations and to test various hypotheses.

Call for tenders will appear on the TED eTendering - calls for tenders from the European institutions.