“5G is our top priority this year”, says BEREC Chair at the ETNO-MLex Regulatory Summit 2018

01 February 2018

On 31 January in Brussels, BEREC Chair 2018 Mr. Johannes Gungl participated in the ETNO-MLex Regulatory Summit 2018 “Lost in regulation: towards a new telecom world” where he was interviewed by the Chairman of MLex Mr. Robert McLeod.

The main topics discussed were related to the BEREC Chair’s priorities in 2018, ongoing regulatory debate on the European Electronic Communication Code (EECC) and implementation of Net Neutrality in Europe, including ongoing work on connectivity and questions on access regulation.

J.Gungl outlined that the top priority for BEREC this year is 5G: “We have many topics to work on, but all designed to identify and eliminate hurdles to fast 5G deployment and if existing practices are adequate for 5G”. He also confirmed the supportive role BEREC has to give technical advice in the process of the ongoing regulatory debate on the EECC if requested and that BEREC is “ready to stand up if we see things move in the wrong direction”.

It was the 7th edition of the regulatory summit – a platform for up to 200 high-level delegates, representing telecom operators, the EU institutions, regulators, academics, investors and other industry stakeholders, to discuss key EU regulatory issues. This year the focus was on regulation in 2018, a new access doctrine, business models, 5G, technological convergence and industry collaboration and spectrum policy.