BEREC key priorities 2017

11 January 2017

Following a public consultation and the discussion at the Stakeholder Forum, BEREC adopted its Work Programme for 2017.

Next year, the analysis of the Commission's proposal regarding the framework review and the provision of inputs to the European institutions will be a key priority for BEREC.

BEREC will also support NRAs’ efforts towards fostering connectivity. For the fixed market, the work programme includes in particular a comprehensive assessment of the need to review common positions in the wholesale markets 3, 3a and 4 relevant to next generation access. Regarding mobile connectivity, BEREC plans to publish a Common Position on monitoring mobile network coverage, both for regulatory purposes and to empower consumers to choose their provider on the basis of their connectivity needs.

Another important area of work for BEREC will be the promotion of an open environment in the digital world. BEREC will in particular monitor the consistent and effective implementation of the newly adopted net neutrality rules. BEREC will also study the impact of content markets and devices on ECS markets.

Finally, BEREC will define its mid-term strategy for the years 2018-2020. The strategy will build upon BEREC's work to date, and takes into account the major developments that are taking place in the electronic communications field. On this topic as on others like net neutrality, stakeholders will be involved from an early stage of the process.