It is crucial to retain BEREC’s independence and rootedness in its member NRAs

15 June 2016

15 June 2016 BEREC Chair Wilhelm Eschweiler met the ITRE Committee-Working Group on the Digital Union of the European Parliament to discuss the governance of the telecommunications market. During his presentation, Wilhelm Eschweiler introduced BEREC’s main tools and instruments to fulfill its role and tasks as well as it views on the institutional set-up.

The BEREC Chair emphasized that considering the future role and functions of BEREC, it is again worthwile highlighting that the success of the sectoral mechanisms relies on the independance of both BEREC and its member NRAs and on the alignment of competences between them.

Beyond that Wilhelm Eschweiler pointed out that BEREC is willing and ready to take over further functions as and when they might arise. He stressed that this does not however represent an institutional departure from its current role and set up. “We are convinced that such new tasks could be pursued within the current terms of the BEREC Regulation and under the current institutional set-up – as effectively shown with the tasks under the Single Market Regulation” emphasized the BEREC Chair.