BEREC International Mission to the USA – 2016

06 June 2016

In spite of its primary focus being on the European market, it has become increasingly important for BEREC to engage, within the limits of its remit, in dialogue with other stakeholders outside the EU.

In this context, every year, BEREC organises an international mission to a country outside the EU in order to garner insights regarding the country’s electronic communications market main activities, to exchange views regarding business models and to promote bilateral relations.

This year, between 22 and 28 May, a BEREC delegation visited the United States (Boston, New York and Washington, D.C.) and held several meetings with organisations and companies related to the electronic communication and information technology sector, namely with universities, regulatory authorities, policy makers, content providers, electronic communications providers, start-ups, think tanks and investment funds. The purpose of this mission included the discussion of topics such as different regulatory models in Europe and the United States, future business models and investment perspectives, Internet of Things, open standards, (ultra)broadband or 5G.

BEREC delegation was composed by the following NRA Heads: Wilhelm Eschweiler (BNetzA/Germany), BEREC Chair, Fátima Barros (ANACOM/Portugal), BEREC Vice-Chair, Sébastien Soriano (ARCEP/France), BEREC Vice-Chair, Angelo Cardani (AGCOM/Italy), BEREC Vice-Chair, Henk Don (ACM/The Netherlands), BEREC Vice-Chair and Ömer Fatih Sayan (BTK/Turkey), IRG Vice-Chair.