BEREC Chair Fatima Barros emphasizes the importance of Internet of Things for the EU economy

11 May 2015

On 11 May, 2015 the BEREC Chair 2015, Professor Fatima Barros participated in the 2015 edition of the annual Internet of Things (IoT) European Summit in Brussels, Belgium. The summit brought together more than 200 delegates, including the key European decision makers and leading industry stakeholders.

During her presentation on the IoT Regulatory perspective,  the BEREC Chair emphasized the importance of IoT for the EU economy and identified a broad set of regulatory challenges like roaming, future scarcity of resources - numbers and spectrum availability, security and data protection as well as the urgent requirement for standardization in the IoT ecosystem. Additionally, the BEREC Chair highlighted the need for telecom operators to develop new business models in order to be part of the new value chain. Finally, she mentioned that BEREC is working in close collaboration with the European Commission on the identification of the main regulatory issues that should be considered in the review of the regulatory framework for electronic communications. Fátima Barros has expressed the regulators' concerns about finding solutions instead of building obstacles in particular, to adopt the most efficient, proportionate and least intrusive regulatory approach.

BEREC Chair 2015, Professor Fatima Barros presentation at the 6th annual IoT summit.

The Internet of Things European summit examined the current IoT ecosystem and explored the role of IoT within the different verticals in Europe. Participants also discussed the various opportunities and challenges that different industries face, and were encouraged to examine the role of IoT in the key sectors