News and Newsletters 2014

  • 04 October 2007

    4 October 2007 The IRG has published today the  executive summary  of the first IRG Expert Group Report concerning the opening of phase II investigation pursuant to article 7(4) of directive 2002/21 EC on Case PL/2007/0668 – wholesale national market for trunk...
  • 03 October 2007

    3 October 2007 Please find attached the  press release  and the ERG Opinion on Regulatory Principles of Next Generation Access ERG (07) 16rev2 and the ERG Opinion on Functional Separation ERG (07) 44  here .
  • 22 August 2007

    22 August 2007 The ERG has published today the second release of its guidelines on roaming, covering charges, welcome SMS and other provisions.  Please find the guidelines  here .  The guidelines are effective from today, but the ERG invites comments on this second...
  • 05 July 2007

    5 July 2007 The ERG has published today the first release of its guidelines on roaming, covering offers to customers and special tariffs. Please find here the  press release , and the  guidelines on offers  and  on tariffs . The guidelines are effective from...
  • 17 June 2007

    15 June 2007 Following the ERG 21st Plenary held in Oslo 31 May 2007 there was a public debriefing held in Brussels on 15 June 2007.  Please find here the  presentation from the ERG Chair .
  • GORAN MARBY, BEREC Chair 2014, about hand-over at BEREC OFFICE. From 1st of April the new BEREC Administrative Manager on board

    01 January 1970

    Goran Marby BEREC Chair 2014, on behalf of BEREC , would like thank Mr Ando Rehemaa in its last day as Administrative Manager of the BEREC Office, for the commitment shown during his term from 2010 to 2013, wishing the best for his future career. At the same time, Mr Marby...