BEREC unveils its new public website:

21 August 2012

The new official website of BEREC has gone on line with the aim of providing effective and timely information to all European citizens, businesses, stakeholders and to the BEREC community itself.
Georg Serentschy, the 2012 BEREC Chair, stated:

“I am very proud to introduce the new BEREC website to the European community. BEREC is strongly committed to promoting a better understanding of its crucial role in the area of EU electronic communications. The new website, with all its functionalities, will enable EU citizens to be more familiar with our tasks and organisation and with the supporting role of the BEREC Office. Moreover, the new website will increase transparency about what we do, collecting in only one place all the information about the activities of BEREC and about the crucial support provided by the Office in Riga“ 

The launch of the website is one of many steps BEREC has taken to increase awareness of its activities, its role and its responsibilities in the vital electronic communications sector.

You may read the full text of the press-release issued by BEREC on the occasion of the launch of the new web-site here.