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SAVE THE DATE: Joint BEREC and IIC conference in Riga, Latvia

Event date: 25.06.2019








The joint conference of BEREC and International Institute of Communications will take place on 25-26 June 2019 in Riga, Latvia.

"Competing Continents: The pursuit of excellence in electronic communications”

Marking the 10th anniversary of the formation of BEREC and the ongoing celebrations of the IIC’s 50th anniversary, the two organisations are delighted to be arranging this joint event in the wonderful Splendid Palace in the cultural city of Riga (Latvia).

This independent forum brings together statutory national regulators and industry in a collegiate, neutral setting to debate policy issues. This meeting is open to all stakeholders from the telecommunications, media and technology sectors.

Many countries are considering how to take advantage of the benefits of the digital ecosystem while ensuring the public good is conserved. In a time of technological change, we invite you to come together with your peers and senior colleagues to share good practice and address the opportunities and challenges offered by this fast-evolving, and increasingly borderless world. In so doing we will share experiences of working on the development and roll out of 5G, the development of artificial intelligence, blockchain and emerging technologies, platform regulation and how to encourage investment to allow technological innovation while ensuring societal and economic benefits are felt by all.

The programme is currently being developed as we plan for an innovative and topical event to promote lively discussion. We will continue to update this page as the programme takes shape.

Speakers of the event

Sessions will include:

  • Investment and connectivity
  • 5G – living up to its promise
  • Open internet
  • Artificial intelligence, blockchain and emerging technologies
  • Platform regulation

The event is free, places are limited so we would encourage you to register as soon as possible.
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Forum presentations are on the record, but subsequent discussions are under the Chatham House Rule. This enables participants to speak freely, facilitating the open and honest exchange of information, and maximising opportunities for the sharing of best practice among peers.

Event venue:

Splendid Palace
Elizabetes street 61
Riga, Latvia 

Location on the map