BEREC events 2016

Event titleEvent date 
Public BEREC expert workshop on "Regulatory implications of SDN and NFV" 21.01.2016
1st Contact Network meeting for 2016 in Krakow 04.02.2016
26th BEREC Plenary Meeting in Rotterdam 24.02.2016
Public debriefing from the 26th plenary meeting 02.03.2016
High level meeting on telecom review 21.04.2016
2nd Contact Network meeting for 2016 in Budapest 12.05.2016
27th BEREC Plenary Meeting in Vienna 02.06.2016
Launch of draft BEREC Net Neutrality Guidelines public consultation 06.06.2016
Extraordinary plenary meeting 25.08.2016
Launch of the BEREC Guidelines on the Implementation by National Regulators of European Net Neutrality Rules 30.08.2016
3rd Contact Network meeting for 2016 in Limassol 15.09.2016
28th BEREC Plenary Meeting in Vilnius 06.10.2016
Public debriefing from the 28th BEREC plenary meeting 12.10.2016
4th BEREC Stakeholder Forum Meeting 17.10.2016
4th BEREC CN meeting in Jurmala 17.11.2016
BEREC expert workshop on IP-Interconnection in co-operation with the OECD 21.11.2016
29th BEREC plenary meeting in Berlin, Germany 08.12.2016
Public debriefing from the 29th plenary meeting 14.12.2016