BEREC events 2015

Event titleEvent date 
1st Contact Network meeting for 2015 in Prague 05.02.2015
BEREC Workshop on Oligopoly Analysis and Regulation 25.02.2015
22nd BEREC Plenary Meeting in Berne 26.02.2015
Public debriefing from the 22nd BEREC plenary 04.03.2015
BEREC Accessibility Workshop 04.03.2015
BEREC meeting with Commission on connectivity/access 24.03.2015
BEREC meeting with Commission 08.05.2015
2nd Contact Network meeting for 2015 in Budva 14.05.2015
23rd BEREC Plenary Meeting in Bergen 03.06.2015
Public debriefing from the 23rd BEREC plenary 19.06.2015
3rd Contact Network meeting for 2015 in Baden 10.09.2015
BEREC Office Open Day on 25 September 2015 25.09.2015
24th BEREC Plenary Meeting in Riga 01.10.2015
Public debriefing from the 24th BEREC plenary 08.10.2015
3rd BEREC Stakeholder Forum Meeting 15.10.2015
4th Contact Network meeting for 2015 in Barcelona 19.11.2015
25th BEREC Plenary Meeting in London 09.12.2015
Public debriefing from the 25th BEREC plenary 16.12.2015