BEREC event 2014

Event titleEvent date 
BEREC meeting with Commission 17.01.2014
1st Contact Network meeting for 2014 in Latvia 06.02.2014
18th BEREC Plenary Meeting in Sweden 26.02.2014
BEREC Stakeholder Workshop on Relevant Markets 26.02.2014
Public Debriefing from the 18th BEREC plenary 06.03.2014
Relevant markets meeting with the Commission 8th April 2014 08.04.2014
BEREC Roundtable on Equivalence of Inputs 29.04.2014
2nd Contact Network meeting for 2014 in Portugal 15.05.2014
19th BEREC Plenary Meeting in Ireland 05.06.2014
Public debriefing from the 19th BEREC plenary 12.06.2014
3rd Contact Network meeting for 2014 in Liechtenstein 04.09.2014
20th BEREC Plenary Meeting in Italy 25.09.2014
Hearing session on M2M for EU electronic communications operators 29.09.2014
Public debriefing from the 20th BEREC plenary 02.10.2014
2nd BEREC Stakeholder Forum Meeting 16.10.2014
BEREC meeting with Commission 10.11.2014
The joint BEREC - RSPG workshop 11.11.2014
4th Contact Network meeting for 2014 in Finland 13.11.2014
21st BEREC Plenary Meeting in Brussels 04.12.2014
Public debriefing from the 21st BEREC plenary 11.12.2014