BEREC events 2012

Event titleEvent date 
1st Contact Network meeting for 2012 in Dublin 02.02.2012
10th BEREC Plenary Meetingin Vienna 23.02.2012
Debriefing from the 10th plenary in Belgium 01.03.2012
Public Workshop on BEREC’s proposal for High Level Principles relating to non-discrimination 15.03.2012
2nd Contact Network meeting for 2012 in Bratislava 03.05.2012
11th BEREC Plenary Meetingin in Dubrovnik 24.05.2012
Debriefing from the 11th plenary in Belgium 31.05.2012
BEREC Expert workshop on IP-interconnection in cooperation with OECD 20.06.2012
Public hearing on international roaming 19.07.2012
3rd Contact Network meeting for 2012 in Stockholm 06.09.2012
12th BEREC Plenary Meeting in Limassol 27.09.2012
Debriefing from the 12th plenary in Belgium 04.10.2012
Public hearing on the draft BEREC Work Programme for 2013 15.10.2012
4th Contact Network meeting for 2012 in Jūrmala 15.11.2012
Extraordinary Plenary Meeting on 15 November 2012 in Brussels 15.11.2012
13th BEREC Plenary Meeting in St. Julian's 06.12.2012
Debriefing from the 13th plenary in Belgium 13.12.2012