Draft Decision of the BEREC Office MC on the designation of the two Reporting Officers for the assessment of the probationary period of the Administrative Manager of the BEREC Office

Document number: MC (16) 105
Document date: 22.09.2016
Date of registration: 10.10.2016
Document type: Decisions of the Management Committee
Author: BEREC Vice-Chair (ARCEP)

In order to comply with Decision MC (10) 26 and with Article 14 of CEOS the BEREC Office Administrative Manager (AM) shall be subject to annual appraisal to be carried out by at least 2 reporting officers who will be selected amongst the BEREC Vice-Chairs. The current MC Decision has the objective to appoint 2 BEREC Vice-Chairs to assess the performance of the AM. The current document is part of the internal decision making process and is not available to the public