BEREC Report on contractual simplification

Document number: BoR (18) 217
Document date: 06.12.2018
Date of registration: 12.12.2018
Document type: Reports
Author: BEREC

Contracts between providers of electronic communication services (ECS) and their end-users are becoming increasingly complex. End-user contracts can take different forms (e.g. be provided electronically or in hard copy, be concluded in the provider’s shop or at a distance, etc.) and, therefore, may include different amounts and categories of information. In order to allow consumers to make informed and correct decisions when acquiring, terminating and switching ECS (or ECS bundled with equipment/devices), it is important that such contracts provide clear and relevant information in a simplified, easily understandable manner.This report collates information on practices and initiatives in Member States (MS) to prescribe key information elements (i.e. important contract terms) for contracts between consumers and providers of publicly available ECS, which are intended to assist the consumer to better understand the terms of their contract.