Report on BEREC International Mission to India

Document number: BoR (17) 170
Document date: 05.10.2017
Date of registration: 10.10.2017
Document type: Reports
Author: BEREC

From 30th March to 4th April 2017, the BEREC Chair for 2017 Mr Sébastien Soriano (Arcep), and Vice-Chairs Mr Johannes Gungl (RTR), Dr Stephen Unger (Ofcom), Ms Alejandra de Iturriaga (CNMC), Mr Hrafnkell Gíslason (PTA), accompanied by Ms Anne Lenfant (Director for Europe and International – Arcep), Ms Julie Mamou (International Affairs Manager – Ofcom) and Mr Klaus Pendl (First Counsellor – ICT – Delegation of the European Union to India) travelled to India to meet institutional and industry stakeholders.

The meetings were held in New Delhi and Bangalore and covered several topics making the headlines in India that are of interest for BEREC and the evolution of the digital environment in India. The delegation were particularly interested in the 3 following topics: net neutrality issues, recent structural changes in the mobile market and mobile infrastructure sharing.