Summary Note on the outcomes of the BEREC Accessibility Workshop

Document number: BoR (15) 70
Document date: 25.05.2015
Date of registration: 25.05.2015
Document type: Reports
Author: BEREC

On 4 March 2015, BEREC organised a Workshop to discuss the accessibility of electronic communications services for end-users with disabilities. The event focussed on the challenges faced by disabled end-users, the role of regulators in promoting accessibility and the initiatives taken by manufacturers, service providers and the Apps industry to make communications services more accessible for disabled end-users.

The workshop focused on four main issues:
a) The accessibility and usability challenges faced by disabled end-users when accessing electronic communications services;
b) The contribution of regulators to improving accessibility for disabled citizens;
c) Accessibility considered from the industry perspective;
d) Designing for all - A manufacturers and service providers’ challenge.A number of recommendations and suggestions were made (directed to BEREC and to stakeholders) to improve policies and business practices and help promote equivalent access and choice for end-users with disabilities.

These covered areas such as better monitoring, accessible information and better regulation.The current document contains a summary of the outcome of the workshop, which is intended for internal use by BEREC and therefore is not available to the public.

However the workshop was video recorded and the public can consult the full video recording, as well as other workshop materials though the BEREC event section.