9th Assessment Report on Article 7 / 7a Phase II Cases – Conclusions

Document number: BoR (15) 32
Document date: 16.02.2015
Date of registration: 16.02.2015
Document type: Reports
Author: BEREC Office

According to the current Internal Guidelines for the elaboration of BEREC Opinions on Phase II investigations under Articles 7 and 7a of the Framework Directive the BEREC Office should elaborate an assessment report after the completion of the work of BEREC Phase II E, in order to identify possible weaknesses in the procedures, areas for improvement and any obstacles to fulfilling BEREC’s obligations in this domain.

Therefore for the 22nd BEREC plenary meeting (26-27 February 2015, Berne) the BEREC Office has tabled an internal report containing a short overview of all 10 Phase II cases (concerning 11 notifications) opened by the Commission in 2014 out of a total number of 157 notifications.

Furthermore the present report provides an overview about the participation of the NRAs in the Phase II Expert Working Groups and the outcome of the Art 7/7a procedure in 2014.

The document is intended for internal reflection and assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of the BEREC procedures and is not available to the public.