Draft BEREC Guidelines to assist NRAs on the consistent application of geographical surveys of network deployments

Document number: BoR (19) 182
Document date: 03.10.2019
Date of registration: 10.10.2019
Document type: Guidelines
Author: BEREC

Article 22(1) of the European Electronic Communications Code (‘EECC’) establishes that National Regulatory Authorities (‘NRAs’) and/or Other Competent Authorities (‘OCAs’) shall, by 21 December 2023, conduct a geographical survey of the reach of electronic communications networks capable of delivering broadband, and shall update it at least every three years thereafter. This geographical survey (‘GS’) may also include a forecast of the reach of broadband networks, including very high capacity networks (‘VHCN’), for a period determined by the relevant authority. The rationale underlying Article 22 is the idea that geographical information on the reach of broadband networks will become an important tool to enable the effective design, implementation and monitoring of broadband policies and related regulation. Accordingly, the GS must be designed and conducted so that it can be used for the relevant regulatory obligations and policy functions carried out at Member State (‘MS’) and/or EU level.