Internal guidelines on the operation of BEREC Expert Working Groups

Document number: BoR (15) 16
Document date: 28.01.2015
Date of registration: 28.01.2015
Document type: Guidelines
Author: BEREC

According to Article 11 of the Rules of Procedure of the Board of Regulators (hereinafter “BoR RoP”), the BEREC work is carried out via Expert Working Groups (EWGs).Article 3 of the mentioned BoR RoP sets out the duties of the BEREC Chair and Vice-Chairs and provides that the BEREC Chair shall assign clusters of EWGs to the Vice-Chairs, in order for them to follow their relevant work.The present Manual bears detailed rules aimed at implementing the above provisions.

The current document is part of the internal BEREC decision making process and therefore is not available to the public.