Draft Work Programme 2014 BEREC Board of Regulators

Document number: BoR (13) 127
Document date: 01.10.2013
Date of registration: 01.10.2013
Document type: Public Consultations
Author: BEREC

Following the decisions of the 16th meeting of the Board of Regulators of 26 September 2013, on 1 October 2013, BEREC published its draft 2014 Work Programme for public consultation. The role of the public consultation is to increase transparency and to provide BEREC with valuable feedback from all interested parties.

In accordance with the BEREC’s policy on public consultations, BEREC will publish a report summarising how stakeholders’ views have been taken into account. In addition, BEREC will also publish all individual contributions on its website, taking into account stakeholders’ requests for confidentiality, which should be clearly indicated in the contributions submitted (if any).

All stakeholders are invited to send their contributions by 25 October 2013 to e-mail:, preferably in English, in order to speed up the processing of the contributions.